About Us

goCINCO helps deliver fresh food that matters, in real-time with automated workflows to meet your business needs. We work to make local, fresh food options more accessible by connecting local businesses to restaurants and food trucks. We believe you should get exactly what you want, so we tap into the rideshare economy to ensure you get it when you need it. 

Fresh food and fresh ideas are at the heart of food and on-demand gap or fractional service. The platform, goCINCO facilitates the delivery of fresh local meat, seafood, fruit, and vegetables with exceptional quality to restaurants and food trucks. 

Our network of local specialty suppliers’ pairs well with the abundance of locally owned businesses. With unparalleled innovative technology, we connect your business to the industry-leading distribution network keeping you stocked with the freshest products. We believe connecting local agriculture with local business through a community-driven on-demand ecosystem crystallizes the communities we live in.

Through these partnerships, we believe local business will thrive and healthy communities will multiply. We will always strive to reduce food waste and minimize our carbon footprint by developing technology that focuses on efficient last-mile distribution.

What is goCINCO?

James Dixon (Co-Founder) of Cinco Technologies, Inc.