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About Us

Our world-class team is committed to unparalleled service and support. Our company started out as a graduate capstone project at the University of Oregon’s MBA program. What we discovered by our research was heartbreaking. Harvard Men’s Health Watch reported that obesity and being overweight account(s) for nearly one of every ten American deaths and costs our society over $223B a year (2012). Obesity is complex, and weight control is controversial; however consumers today are opting to eat fresh and healthy foods. As consumers opt for a healthier lifestyle, fresh food is king.

Cinco Technologies, Inc, named after the five major food groups is a marketing ecosystem to provide fresh food distribution. The value proposition is to create an economic system that connects the producer and the consumer through a software platform while incurring low transaction costs.

Our customers are fresh food purveyors who supply: local farm to table restaurants and neighborhood grocery stores by using a membership service platform and using a  geographic coordinate system aware devices. The goal is to be a business to business (b2b) distribution platform, and the leader in fresh, healthy food for urban and inner-city communities.

Our platform is customer and community focused, statistically optimized, cashless, and profitable by design.